From Echo Dot and it’s kids edition to a drone that lets Amazon see your entire house.

Amazon and the Environment

 Echo Dot

 Echo Dot Kids Edition

 Conversational AI

Alexa now self-learns from you. When you speak something she doesn’t know (and I wonder why’d you do that) Alexa does this:

You: “Alexa set the lighting to my reading mode”

Alexa: “What do you mean by your reading mode?” 🤨

You: “40% brightness”

Alexa: “Okay, I’ll remember your reading mode. Lighting set to 40% brightness.”

Natural Turn Taking

Ambient Home

 Alexa Care Hub

Eero and Eero Pro 6

Car Alarm

 Car Cam

Ring Always Home Cam

 Echo Show 11


Fire TV Stick

 Fire TV Stick Life


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