FB is getting back to where it started with Campus

  • Campus, a section of the fb app specifically for college students.
  • Here, students can interact only with peers at their school; they can access a Campus-only News Feed and join Groups, events, and group chat rooms, called Campus Chats, pertaining to campus life
  • They’ll even have access to a “Campus directory” where they can find and friend other students.
  • To access Campus, you will have to provide your .edu email address and your graduation year.
  • You’ll have a separate profile for Campus to share college related stuff which is irrelevant to other friends.
  • You can also add or remove your major, classes, hometown, dorm, and minor.
  • More the information you add, more you can find classmates. (And enrich Facebook’s ad targeting)
  • Currently, students of these 30 universities around the US can access Campus: Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, University of Louisville, Vassar, and Virginia Tech.
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